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If you are using these phones... Just know that you won't get the Android 13...
Samsung should stop this current practice of making people claim promotional gifts with phones and just bundle it with phones immediately when people buy them. Even if it is 10/20 000 units, once its over then its over. People won't be stressing abou...
Take note that the S10 series is being moved to quarterly security updates and next year we will not get any more updates. So security updates will come once every 3 months from now. Also Android 12 is the last platform update so forget about asking ...
Please do not get excited about such features when you can do it now on OneUI 3/4.
If you are planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Firstly get ready for the disappointment of no charging brick. Secondly, the 45w charging speeds is just marketing speak with no tangible difference between 25w and 45w. So don't waste you...