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Samsung Members Customer Service Feature

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We continue to thank you for your loyalty with Samsung products. To further enhance your overall experience, the customer service feature of Samsung Members has been improved. The following features are available for your customer service needs:1. Re...

Posted by: admin_1
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Como registar SAMSUNG S 20 UNTRA

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Fiz a pré compra do meu Samsung s20 ultra, impulsionado pela campanha que dizia, na "pré compra de S20+ ou S20 ultra teria direito a um galaxy Buds+ branco.Estou a tentar desde dia 13 e não consigo enviar os dados para receber a oferta. Mandaram regi...

Micro suggestion

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I think we have to be much more conservative. The one- hand mode wastes lots of screen space. Clock, News, whether and much more things fits there.

Posted by: S47
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Samsung For Her

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Need assistance with your Samsung TV or home appliances? SAMSUNG FOR HER is a dedicated service for ladies by ladies. Call 800-SAMSUNG to request a visit and we’ll send a female consultant to your home to help you. For more information: https://bit.l...

Galaxy Entertainer Resolved!

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I never purchased "the ENTERTAINER" app nor have I downloaded the app but I have received promotional emails about it and a friend of mine has one so I'm familiar with it. I was checking the Benefit section and I saw this there. Made me wonder...*Wha...