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Hello people,Recently I have purchased Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I have taken OneDrive subscription of 100 GB. The problem I am facing is, Samsung... View Post


I recommend downloading the One drive app, transferring photos from gallery to one drive. Once done,... View Post

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I didn't receive any updates for android 13 and one UI 5, on my Note 20 yet.. can anyone tell me how i can get it. Please in detail if you can?  View Post


Note 20 has received the One UI 5.0 Update. Kindly update your phone, by following these steps:• Ope... View Post

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After updating to the last update. I faced problems with my phone, it suddenly freeze and restart. Dose anyone face the same problem?please help me... View Post


Okay please try the following steps:• Restart,• Go to device care and optimise,• Turn on performance... View Post

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Hello members,I'm looking to buy a new Samsung phone, currently I'm divide on either buying a S21 Ultra or the S22+. However, by February... View Post


I'm sorry, I do not speak Arabic, would you be kind enough to translate in English? View Post

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I did not receive any security update on my Samsung a70, the latest security update I got was August from Ledhi, please tell me a solution  View Post


Samsung A70 will not receive One UI 5.0 update. As it has delivered on 3 Major Andorid Updates and 4... View Post

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How can I enjoy with Samsung pay or Samsung pay mini on this device? Please give us a solution.  View Post


Samsung pay mini is available for Samsung Galaxy M31s. Please install the app via Google Play store ... View Post