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Display problem

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When restarting My Galaxy A20, on the boot up screen, which says Samsung Galaxy A20,Powered by Android, Issue : towards the top of the screen, a green dot blinks or flickers How to solve it?

Posted by: HMF
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facing issues with my galaxy a50

Posted in: Galaxy A

The phone keeps on restarting on its own, lags sometimes, and gets stuck while using some apps. This problem countinous everyday. Idk the problem of the phone. Checking the phone using samsung member app shows that phone is in perfect condition

keyboard galaxy a70

Posted in: Galaxy A

The stock keyboard isn't that great. I waited for months to get a better keypad on update but nothing happened. Installed swiftkey which works great

Posted by: skyesk
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Problemas com Samsung Noted

Posted in: Galaxy A

Bom dia Pessoal Após actualização do meu App Samsung notes não consigo aceder as notas antigas. Pede para instalar um suplemento mas não finaliza a instalação do suplemento.Peço ajuda para resolver este assunto.

Worst Display

Posted in: Galaxy A

Samsung A21s was my first ever device from Samsung and also the last one. One of the worst displays ever with muted colors, what was the point in giving such a big screen if you really cannot enjoy the content.Bye Samsung for ever.

Posted by: Law123
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