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New Update for A71

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Today's update for A71 include new features Single Take, My filters, Pro Mode functionalities, Night Hyperlapse, Quick Share, and more. Samsung is yet to share more details about the software update that carries new features. With Night Hyperlapse, w...

Recording phone calls.

Posted in: Galaxy A

My Samsung A50s can't be set to record phone calls automatically. Any way with instructions on how to do that. Like automatically set it to record phone calls. And where do the recordings be stored?

Posted by: BernaM
Beginner Level 3

Battwry draining issue

Posted in: Galaxy A

I own a new Galaxy A51 (6+128GB), and is upto date with latest updates provided. Now i am facing battery draining issue. As with 4000 mAh battery and moderate usage, with zero gaming, i barely get 10-12 hrs of battery life. How can i solve this issue...

Volume Level on Notification Bar

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SuggestionSuggestion Dear Samsung Community, Can you add a Volume Level on the Notification bar because usually the Volume keys are vulnerable when pressing it regularly. The Volume Level on the notification will be a great help for another option ra...

great feature on Android 10

Posted in: Galaxy A

Dear Samsung Community.Thank you Samsung for providing us latest version Android 10, we got more feature in upgraded from 9 to 10. In the "Tips" icon u can find out how to use all feature (screenshot) attached. & u can access the same application/set...

finger lock problem

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have a problem since last night for unlocking my galaxy A30 with fingerlock...finger matching has no issue but only my cell lock unlock is creating ptoblem with finger touch.can somebody tell me what is the problem

sluggish processing

Posted in: Galaxy A

Can you please make the exynos 9611 in a51 something better with an update? Recently bought galaxy a51 and already feels like an old phone hovering around the application or daily use. Hope some fixes will make it better. Thank you.

lockscreen tint problem

Posted in: Galaxy A

Hi i'm experiencing some green tint on my lockscreen if my brightness is to the lowest or 10% is there anything i can so to fix this? The notification panel is gray if the brightness is about 50% but if i lower the brightness it turn dsrk green But i...