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Am in a country that has a carrier supporting LTE band 28 can I update or enable band 28 on my m30s.

Charging issue after update Android 10

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After I updated my Samsung M30 to Android 10, I have been facing the following problems: 1. The touch got unresponsive (but it got fixed after another update) 2. Strangely after I updated to Android 10 from 9, my Samsung adapter stopped working, I ha...

Android 10

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Hello there, i got a Samsung galaxy m205f running android 9 however i would like it to run android 10 but i seem not to understand when exactly will the update avail its self because everytime i try to check for updates all i get is that its all up t...

Charging Port

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Just within an hour of charging my phone (M20) while it was off. I noticed a strong burning wire smell. Checked the house, before realizing it was my Phone Charging Port that had burnt up with the charing cable. After unplugging and waiting for a whi...

response times

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How long does it take Samsung to respond because they responded on the same day for m my first question but it has not been over one word and they have stopped responding


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Hello everyone, I just updated my device to Android 9 yesterday and downloaded a few custom notification sounds. I set them up and was successful at receiving them as well. But today, a prob occurred and I was not able to hear the notification sound....

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