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samsung note

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Recently, Samsung notes had this feature that if I had text written that was beneath text from the top, I could use the S-Pen potining down , an arrow will appear and the screen will show the remaining text. But now it is not working. Please advise.


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Well, I am using the note 8 and Note 10+,..but I would like to know what is the reason the note 8 ( a flagship) isn't getting the update, while lower budget phones are getting it?? Doesnt really make sense, and is a betrayal on your customers who spe...

gaming issues

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I bought Galaxy Note 10 plus just for gaming pubg but its same thing like before in my note 9 to much lag and play on low setting graphics why Samsung says its new generation chip better then before on gaming i sold my note 9 and bought this note 10 ...

Galaxy Note 10+ not fast charging

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I tried everything short of a factory reset. It just suddenly stopped fast charging out of the blue. Fast Wireless charging still works though. Here's a list of everything I've tried.1. Clearing cache in download mode2. Restarting 5-6 times3. Flickin...