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Z-Flip screen scratch

Posted in: Galaxy Fold

A couple of hours ago I tried to flip it open with one hand by wedging my thumb in between the screens and flip it open. I immediately regretted it as I kinda dented the screen a teeny tiny bit and it was visible. But now I'm looking at it again and ...

Posted by: B1ank
Beginner Level 3

Front Camera spot.

Posted in: Galaxy Fold

I'm having a strange issue with the the front Camera of my fold. I'm not sure if this issue was before I bought the phone or came after words. The front camera has a strange spot inside it and it apears in every picture I take and in all video calls....

Posted by: FDiab
Active Level 1

finger scanner

Posted in: Galaxy Fold

One of the area that Samsung can improve is to enable the finger scanner when the flip Z is opened 90 degrees.The issue is that when I open the flip some times my hand on the scanner and 5 time of error appears.

YouTube video resolution issue !

Posted in: Galaxy Fold

Dear team, I was waiting for more than a month now.Still this issue not yet solved.As a consumer I invested the money like this premium device,because of the features that has packed in it.But it seems like those futures I can't utilize properly in t...

Application Issue !

Posted in: Galaxy Fold this issue not solved yet.Didn't received any updates from google.So sad : (#samsung

snapchat and instgram

Posted in: Galaxy Fold

When you going to fix instgram and snapchat?When I take photo on both app picture not fully shown in all the phones + When the phone folded instgram comments not fully shown when you going to fix

Posted by: ekaros
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Posted in: Galaxy Fold

Why is it not possible for customers in Africa specifically Kenya to get galaxy fold from the shops?One has to buy from Dubai. I waited for long to get one from Kenya market until I can not wait any more then went to Abu Dhabi to buy one. This is not...

Samsung Fold - Excellent Product

Posted in: Galaxy Fold

Hey Friends, I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Fold !! It's a fantastic phone... I would like to connect with other members who are using a fold to identify some cool accessories, trips and tricks of this revolutionary phone. I have the same sa...

Posted by: DB30
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