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They might have interesting deals for you, register your interest on the link below:https://www.samsung.com/ae/offer/samsung-week/register/
Register your interest below so you don't miss any good deals. https://www.samsung.com/ae/offer/samsung-week/register/
Not yet available in the UAE but hopefully comimg soon. Looks interesting and can't wait to get it, will fit all my devices for overnight charging. More info on the US samsung site. https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/wireless...
This is my 3rd Samsung Watch. I started with the Galaxy Frontier, Galaxy Watch and Now this beauty. (They Skipped the Galaxy 'Watch 2' name as the active already had Active 2)It's a long way from the 1st attempt they had at watches, everything is imp...
Follow the below to alert Samsung about the overheating issue. I called the call center today and they claimed they never heard of this issue before and that I'm the 1st person to report this, knowing it's not a secret anymore and everyone in the wor...