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Since the last October update, whenever i open youtube or Netflix to watch something, the video minimizes automatically, i cannot watch in full screen anymore. Also, when i chat in instagram, the keyboard closes automatically, i have to press again o...
Since the last security update and the usb-c samsung earphones software update, many songs are now being distorted. The only way to make them work is to disconnect and reconnect them. I cannot play back to back songs without an issue. I opened a tick...
After the September update, i couldn't stream music anymore to my JBL charge 3 speaker, the sound was distorted and only worked on a couple of songs. The tracks worked well on the phone speaker, other devices connected to the speaker were doing fine....
You can easily keep on listening to YouTube music or watch Videos while doing anything else. Just open tasks, open in pop up view as shown in the video.
Pull down the notification panel. Press on the Flashlight Text, Not the icon. A menu will open. Adjust as needed.