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Galaxy watch

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I have been using galaxy watch 46mm since 7 months now I find the glitches in screen sometimes,mostly once in two days.i dont know why? Any options please let me know.

VR Headset For Note 10+

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Hello Guys !Need your help and suggestion because I don't expect any response from SS (Stupid Samsung)Does anyone know which VR headset is compatible with Note 10+?As usual, Samsung has been stupid enough to end support for Virtual reality headset fo...

issues with auto detection

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So i have galaxy watch active2 and for the past days i have observed that when i ride a bike or in a moving vehicle. THE STEPS GET COUNTED AND THE WATCH DETECTS IT AS A CYCLING WORKOUT. Hope this issue gets fixed

Galaxy watch 46mm update to latest version

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I would like to raise a request to Samsung for giving the glorious Original Galaxy Watch with the latest software update similar to the Active 2. The point that the hardware specs are in check and new features and all can be made available to the gal...

Smart Watch

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Recently i brought Microwear L9 but when i try to connect with my Samsung A50 through Fundo pro app It can't find L9....But it work properly on my Huawei device...What can i do now please help.... A50 is my primary device so i want to use wear with t...

Airpods vs Galaxy Buds? WANNA KNOW?

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I have both, Infact i use both Galaxy and an iPhoneWhat do think is better between Galaxy buds and Airpods "Not pro" ?I definitely use airpods alot...They're comfortable.They're good for basic tasks like calls and media.They dont feel in your ears.Th...