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Samsung App Store Fraudsters

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Flipboard Briefing, smart tutor are unofficial. They're unknown publishers. Appstore told me to update 6 apps, among them 2 apps are breached into updates, by Fraudsters. See snapshots. How Shame, that appstore can't even recognize these apps, and pr...

A50 next update

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What do you A50 will get update as only Security Update or Android 10?I think Jan we get Security Update with no bug fix and in February Android 10 will full of bugs like as usual.What's your thoughts?


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Samsung you are cheating with your customers you advertise that a50s has 48 megapixel camera but it didn't not perform like 48 megapixel. In other hand my s6 edge provide me the best photos it hadn't 48 megapixel but it provides best . The price is a...

Sharing Contact via Text

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When you want to share Contact details of someone to the last incoming call which is not in your contact it doesn't allow to share.There are options of Contacts & Message conversations but not call logs.Please add the option so that we can share Cont...

Posted by: Avi22
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