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Bixby assistant

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Bixby is finally useful now. It is able to recognize language more appropriately, it is more useful for basic functions than google assistant, as it is highly integrated with samsung software.Keep up the good work Bixby team. I am sure one day it wil...

Samsung Ends Bixby Vision

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After barely three years of service, Samsung is discontinuing a good chunk of Bixby Vision augmented reality features previously touted as some of the app’s main selling points. According to a notice the company started pushing out to users late last...

Posted by: MadAsh
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About Bixby

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why you Don't upgrade BIXBY..? It provides very bad service comparing google assistant or Siri...

Posted by: Ujoy
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What is the use of this contest

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When Samsung have successfull story selling smartphones in global market they could give a help by giving a help to distribute their smartphones those cannot live in this situation without it.I would like to say they should not try to sell their smar...