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Can't open Developer option

Posted in: Kolkata

Hi, I m using Halaxy A50s from December 2019, from last 2 month after software update and Android 10 update I am not able to open Developer Option from my phone, as I using a product of Samsung with lot of trust I hope you will help me for resolve my...

Samsung galaxy A30s problem

Posted in: Kolkata

Can you please fix the problem for PubG. When I play pubG this phone it’s started issues like lagging... Teleport.. Etc... This phone isn’t smooth for pubG users..Can u fix this problem please?

cellular voice quality on galaxy A30

Posted in: Kolkata

Dear Samsung,The cellular voice quality is very poor while I used to make call using 2g or 3g technology. It is very disappointing and irritating also while I am attending important calls. Sometimes it feel regrets that why am I switching to Samsung....


Posted in: Kolkata

In Samsung Galaxy M30s, with an update to android 10, when I'm on a call, the internet connection doesn't operate. Please help me to fix this.

Posted by: kivuos
Beginner Level 2

battery issue

Posted in: Kolkata

My battery draining fast, & my phone getting heat what can I do? Please help me to sort my problem

Posted by: dibraj
Beginner Level 2

fringerprint issue

Posted in: Kolkata

Samsung, please fix the fingerprint problem in a70 after the update of one ui 2 which came today 1st April 2020. My device cannot recognize my finger and even if I want to add finger print it does not works