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samsung is doing a great job but even today many users have a lot of desire. Nowadays, the display of the phone of today has started to get very big or is getting bigger, then people do not like many times because some basic tasks have to be done for...

कोरोना वायरस महामारी से मुक्ति

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चिन से उत्पन्न कोरोना वायरस पुरे विश्व मे फ़ेल गया है । इस बिमारी की चपेट मे लाखो लोग आ गये है । यह संक्रमित बिमारी होने के कारण तेजी से फ़ेल रही है । Who ने इसे भयानक बीमारी बताया है । अत: हम इस बिमारी को खत्म करने मे सहयोग करना चाहिए ।जो भी सरकार द...

Posted by: 7297
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android 10 update

Posted in: Jaipur

I want to know about android 10 update in galaxy a50. The notice shows that the update has been completed in galaxy a50 but there is not update yet.

edge lighting not working

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HiWhy edge lightening is not working on samsung music player..afterall it's a samsung offical player..Earlier it was working but after a recent update it is not working..

Posted by: Nammie5
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Net speed indicator

Posted in: Jaipur

Samsung is helpless in providing "show net speed in notification bar". Samsung is suggesting to download third party app. How helpless is Samsung !!