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not opened secure folder!

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I cannot open this app. I open some time this app but showing couldn't connect secure folder, something went wrong. If this problem persist. Contact customer service. So can i fix it anyone help me?

Secure folder

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Secure folder suddenly appeared on my S7 I can't delete it and i can't get into it force stop is only a temporary solution. Forgot password doesn't work

Posted by: dgwy
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Folders Missing

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I have Samsung Galaxy A50, few days ago I moved two folders to secure folder. When I opened secure folder folders are missing. I added few pictures they are getting added but only the folders are missing. I had many important files inside those folde...

Posted by: Donrai
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App Lock

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Why don't Samsung Galaxy A10s doesn't have it's own App lock?? Completely ruins the privacy of the phone. Samsung should really release it.

Posted by: Hawk101
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WhatsApp in secure folder Resolved!

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I have added WhatsApp in secure folder and after there are two WhatsApp app in my phone one in the folder and one outside the folder and one more thing WhatsApp in the secure folder is asking me to add mobile no.So how to add my previous WhatsApp in ...

What is ROT 13

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ROT 13 is a simple encryption method. It shifts each character 13 position forword in the alphabet. ROT 13 is a simple example of data encryption.For ex- "berlin" will be converted to "orevys" so if you have the key then only you can decrypt it.

Tech talk 1

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How to save your data from hackers??Many of you don't know that after formatting the device also one can get back you data so to save your data from this kind of activities encrypt you data so that only you can access it by decrypting

question & suggestion

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Hi all, I brought my galaxy M21 just now and it shocking for after my effort went fail in finding a #applock feature. Is there anyone who can help me out . Otherwise i request galaxy administrators to come with feature.