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Privacy related 🚧

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Hello Secure Folder Team,I assume that secure folder is all about Privacy.But every time I get emails on secure folder's gmail account, I get a notification with my email address mentioned on it, which I dont want.Its unwanted especially when relativ...

Posted by: samlovr
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Still Buggy

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When try to unlock secure folder using pin, it doesn't unlock in one time. It always unlock the secure folder in 2 times. Please fix this as its very frustrating.

Posted by: ArjitG
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App lock in S8

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Heyy guys, "lock and mask" option is not available in my galaxy S8 settings. How do I lock apps on S8 other than "lock and mask"? Please help me...

Posted by: khan69
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Hi Team, I am happy to share my thoughts and thanks for this opportunity. I love to use Samsung brand electronic gadget as I see it is being fabulous on day to day looks wise and in other perspective too. It would be great if In-built app lock system...

Posted by: ammilu
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