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Samsung A20 update

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After october, 2019 there was no update for Samsung Galaxy A20. Now we move on to this New year 2020 and hope that they will listen and work on this problem and heading towards the mid of January, we haven't still got any update. What's wrong happeni...

Posted by: NitiFae
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Hey Samsung 😑We think you look in to this matter seriously all of us facing this problem ..Block this spammer as Soon as possible AndFriends i also contact SAMSUNG today about this hope they Help ! I try my best as i can ... hope samsung community h...

secretly sent unwanted SMS

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I have brought two #Samsung_galaxy_A2_core from India.I have noticed my phone has been sending a (+919560345888) text to which is in India.Every message costs 3.19 tkHow do I turn of my phone from sending an unwanted txt?  

Bugs in new android 10 UI2

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Dear Samsung Many Bugs in new android 10 UI2. Like if i am watching any online video for example in Facebook. When i have paused the video it is continuously running in background and when play the video i am listening doubling sound . And wifi not p...

battery issue

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Samsung pls give a new update after oct update phone started to heat ahe battery darining problem..pls fix it with the new update

Posted by: Rhishi
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Happy New year

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Hello🙏🙏 Namaste!! Wishing you and your family the best wishes of the English New Year 2020, wishing God that each new day will bring many successes and immense happiness in your life. On this occasion, this prayer to God is that he is glorious, ric...