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i just want to share my user experience. about SamsungDex.its a good to use but i dont know why my phone is getting slower.can you just sugges me some tips to increase the speed

DeX over USB

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Have you guys ever tried out DeX over USB? It was introduced with the Galaxy Note 10 but after the Android 10 update, the galaxy S9, note 9 and S10 also have DeX over USB.I think it's a pretty awesome feature, just connect your phone to your Windows ...


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Samsung dex

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Most of times when phones are launched their accessories are a way behind them and even when they get here all are not available at least not phone versions but all types of accessories should be available as they are available in USA or worldwide. A...

Samsung Dex

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Awesome operation system that you can use on your laptop with regular data cable (a to c or c to c) and don't have to touch your mobile. You can do your laptop work as well as control your device on 1 screen like a pro.And it also works on TV screens...