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Samsung Dex

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Awesome operation system that you can use on your laptop with regular data cable (a to c or c to c) and don't have to touch your mobile. You can do your laptop work as well as control your device on 1 screen like a pro.And it also works on TV screens...

Dex Pc

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Samsung Dex pc is an incredibly smart innovation by samsung.It eases your work and everything is on your fingertips.Loved the way it looks and handles the applications smoothly. Haven't played games on this .But yeah will try them out soon!

Dex needs a lot of upgrades ahead

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Really dex is one of the best feature I love in my note10+; butr in fact it needs alot of works to polish to compete and replace windows. The regular features of right hand clicks, folder managements, more compactible applications etc.Expecting a bes...