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Sudden Lags In Note 8

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I've noticed that after the recent security update, my note 8 is lagging a lot. My phone was running butter smooth and never gave me any change to think that i need to change it as it's lagging. But since the last update. It's lagging a lot, whenever...

Posted by: Raja15
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ hanging very often

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I purchased a SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10+ (512 GB + 12 GB) variant.But the phone is hanging very often despite numerous restarts. The dail screen is lagging atleast by 5-10 seconds to display the contact name during an incoming call.Samsung Keyboard is h...

Laggy galaxy note 8

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After updating the note 8 to recent updates in the past few months, the galaxy note 8 starts to lag a lot...have to restart the phone to make it work nomally..tried clearing samsung deliberately giving updates to slow down the phone?

Posted by: dev200
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note 8

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screen lock prblmwhile turning of my galaxy note 8 i found out a slite change or reduce in screen lock sound while compared to screen opening sound i even tryed diagnostic for the speakers its shows normal i there any solution?

black lines on Galaxy Note 9 display

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My Galaxy Note 9 gets dark horizontal lines on the display. More clearly seen in low brightness in adoptive adaptive display mode.Couldn't capture them in screenshot.Kindly let me know in case anybody has similar issues.. and how itcwas solved..Regar...