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I like that there is no schedule to wake up. When we wrok we have to wake up early and travel to our work place but staying at home make all that easy we can use our travelling time to wake up little late. Work from home is that thing I always wanted...
This is the picture when I was Travelling to Chennai. Mis travelling.#BAsuperleague
Fantabulous.For me Samsung is a company which innovates and lead the mobile industry. I am love with the phone that Samsung make. The design and the curved screemake the phone looks amazing. #BAsuperleague
Being Samsung Brand Ambassador gives us association of the most tech enthusiasts people of the country. Its gives you opportunity to easily conver suggestion to the company itself. It gives you good platform where you can express yourself. It also gi...
Whenever I go for shopping I use Samsung Pay. Its very very handy application and I don't need to carry cash now. Even in covid times when social distance is priority using Samsung pay is very good option. The best part is most of the retailers who u...