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Overheating after update

Posted in: Galaxy S

As you all know everyone was complaining about phone overheating with minimal tasks, such as facebook instagram etc.So how does it feel now after the one UI 2.1 update.Is it still overheating or its better now..I feel the overheating is gone.What abo...

samsung galaxy s20 plus selfies are horrible

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hey guys,Alreafy samsung ditched us by not providing snap dragon 865 and now after even 2 OTA updates.Selfies from samsung galaxy s20 plus are literally horrible.Check it out Please tell me are there any settings by which we can make it better. Or el...

Samsung 🥵

Posted in: Galaxy S

Whenever I wanted to get touched with features samsung say no means no When give feedback to samsung and samsung reply Mean while Samsung is continuously bullying s9 and note 9 users Seriously Samsung are we joke customers who take flagship for the f...