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Mega Monster M31 Launch Event Recap

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On February 19th Samsung India hosted an exclusive hands-on experience of unboxing of Samsung Galaxy M31 with the perks of interaction with none other than Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji for the Samsung Members Brand Ambassadors.The plan was o...


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Any idea when are we getting our next update..last patch was for Feb I think.

Posted by: Ashikpk
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Bixby is now Working

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UPDATE :- Samsung Now Blocks Bixby Voice From Working. Now its not working. Yeh you guys read it right. . Latest April Apk can ve sideload. Bixby Voice Bixby Wakeup Bixby service Install all apks and enjoying bixby. Settings bixby Apk can't be instal...

M30s feature missing

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As good as I know Android 10 had live captions feature why Samsung skipped it , it's not a flagship feature since Mohi and budget android one has it , (or if it's available where to find it ) , Samsung add that feature please !!??

Posted by: YRS386
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Gamelauncher screen resolution

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Recently i got updated to ONE UI 2.0 then there is no option in Samsung gamelauncher to change screen resolution to low so that it can run 60FPS .All of my games previously running smooth @60FPS are running like hell .I just wanna that screen resolut...

Navigation Problem.

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After update , no improvement in GPS and Navigation. Already shared feedback and same issue many times with Samsung. Tried all solutions provided by Samsung. But problem still exist.No hope from Samsung.