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Device Care (Battery)

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Hello, Samsung teamHave been using Samsung device for a year now, and i think its time to post some suggestion for future upgrades. Whether the device is big or small, I think the most important thing where we should be careful about our phone is non...

please help me sir

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Hello sir, My mobile is m30. After the new update of Android 10 is not working properly. There is a lot of hang, so there are a lot of problems in using. Therefore, I hope that you will try to fix the problem of hanging in my mobile by giving new upd...


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My Samsung A20 kept cutting off yesterday because it believed itself to be overheating when it was cold outside. Now I can’t even charge my phone because it still believes it’s too hot. Only had phone about 5 months

Posted by: DrDuce
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Things I love about Samsung health.

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Well I am sure you guys all aware of Samsung Health app available on your devices.Here is my experience and things I love about S Health.1st. The navigation system is so fluid and easy to use then my Garmin Connect app, even a first time user can use...