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HiThere's an app call 10176 on my phone. I just saw it today when checking what was using so much data it used 2.85 gb in a short time. When I... View Post


System apps are unable to remove View Post

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Software update karannama oneda?software update karama phone eka lag wenawada? View Post


Hi... Software updates එවන්නේ device එකේ security, stability වගේම සමහර අලුත් features එක්ක. ඒක නිසා ... View Post

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M02 ekata game launcher eka support naththe ai  View Post


Game Launcher එක OneUI core device වලට නැහැ. 3rd party apps try කරලා බලන්න.  View Post

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I have purchased a s21 plus 3months ago and now it drains battery way faster, I want to know why and solutions for this as a previous iPhone 13 user I... View Post


Hi... can I know your usual screen on time in normal use with WiFi, BT,120Hz? Is it around 7+ hours ... View Post