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If we purchase a slight overrated tv from a retail store and has a defect on the device and taken for a long period of time for repairs,What should... View Post

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Guys අපේ ගෙදර Tv එකේ මේ වගේ ඉරි ඉරි යනවා හැමදිස්සෙම වෙන්නෙත් නෑ. දැනට TV එකට අවුරුදු 2ක්‌ විතර smart Tv එකක් මෙහෙම වෙන්න අරන් සතියක්කේ විතර issue එක... View Post

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When will it get the 1302.5 update which apparently you can start game streaming which will allow you to access the samsung game hub is there any... View Post

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