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A20s Lagging and getting stuck

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After android 10 update my mobile always lagging I can't play games or use multiple apps. This was 4gb ram variant. Anyone experiencing this after android 10 update. At least give us a update and fixed this..disappointed samsung

Posted by: Fdkick
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What you think about new galaxy a30s? *propomens*cam*filches*game etcI hope your comments😃

Power Button Replace

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Power Button එක එබුවාම double press වෙනවා. මේ අවුල හදාගන්න හෝ power button එකක් දාගන්න කීයක් විතර යයිද?

Posted by: nipoo
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මගේ ලඟ තියෙන්නේ අලුතින්ම ගත්ත samsung a20s එකක්....මේකේ පොඩි අවුලක් තියෙනවා...මේක use කරද්දී ගොඩක් වෙලාවට sound එකක් එක්ක speaker එකක් වගේ එකක් පෙන්නනවා....අනෙක් එක whatsapp call එකක හොඳ network connection එකක් තිබ්බත් call එකේ ඉද්දී power key එක ඔබප...

Samsung Call Recorder

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What is the limit of calls being recorded in Samsung One UI 2? There has to be a limit of number of calls or size of calls... Does anyone know what it is?


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My phone is getting restarted after 10 update and it takes more than 10 mins to restart why is that.

Posted by: VikumD
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