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Safe Mode On

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In my J7 Max the Safe Mode is on for many days.When it's deactivated, again the phone goes back to safe mode automatically. Please help me to get it corrected.Thank you

J සහ Tab

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මුවා Developers,J හා Tab අයිති කරුවෝද Samsung Membersලාය. ඔවුනටද upgrade එක ඉක්මනින් එවන්න...

Posted by: nipoo
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struck J6

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Mage j6 eke ekapatama system ui is not responding kiyala watenawa phone eke side button eka obala screen eka on wenna loku welawak yanawa me seen eka thiyenne meke witharak newei mage thiyenne j6 infinity 3GB ram ekak mekama akkage j6 infinity 4GB Ra...

Posted by: kavingo
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