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Hi, I would like to know why some favourite video codec aren't supported by Samsung? For example video from Sony cameras can't play audio on any Samsung device because codec isn't supported, while third party apps like vlc and kinemaster do so easily...

Behind the Scenes with BTS

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Samsung Galaxy partners with BTS and goes behind the scenes to experience authentic #BTS moments. Captured #withGalaxy S20 Series, featuring stunning images shot entirely by BTS.Featuring BTS’s “Best Of Me” . Comment below with your favorite emoji wh...

samsung s9plus camera for vlog

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I dont have a camera to take video for my vlog i only use my phone Samsung s9plus camera and sounds is excellent i recommend this and please subscribe to my YouTube channel link below.

eating pizza at 1 am

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Story for every parents .if you ask your child to go for sleeping .he is going to remember every thing like .....mommy iam hungry. Mommy I want to drink mommy I want to fly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣