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Hello,I have s21 ultra and it keeps on restarting 2 or 3 times during the day by itself while the screen is off or while I am watching something.. it geta too frustrating when I am in Google Maps and it restarts while the navigation is ON ..the same ...
Before 2023 ... GALAXY entertainer used to be inside the Members app, now its a separate app in 2023 and it fails everytime to login .. anyone else experiencing the same? 
If unfortunately you are a in a region where GOOD LOCK  isn't supported  then install NICE LOCK (Blue icon with smile emoji) it has all the features you can get in GOOD LOCK.All the best, it takes customisation to an other level.
If someone is having a problem with Google lens not available on Samsung Galaxy mobile,do 1 thing and it wil start working : Enable GOOGLE app and LENS wil start working.Just sharing some personal experience Thanks 
I have the exact same issue using my Note 20 ultra 5G .. the network connects/disconnects every 5 minutes on 5G but on 4G its fine .. I went to service provider they said wait for SAMSUNG to release an update .. and when we visit SAMSUNG store  they ...