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A50 Call Recording Issue.

I am using samsung A 50 (UAE Version), I did't get any of the call recording options or settings in phone software, but i tried to use other third party call recording apps but any of thems are not working.How to fix these issue.I hope you can help m...


My fingerprint sensor it's not open by my fingerprint after few days. and when I delete my fingerprint I signed a new fingerprint it's working all the day without any problems in next day it's working but slow or not match it's not remember my finger...

Posted by: drnb
Beginner Level 3

فعلت التحقق بخطوتين اكتب الرقم السري وادخل يكتب ادخل الرقم المرسل الي جوالك الرقم لا يصل للجوال والحل لاني اقتربت ابيع الجوال المتجر مقفل ولا اعرف ادخل حسابي

Gallery's new update

Hi.So I saw the notice for the new update of gallery and upon reading the description I found it a little unpleasant because they changed the syncing method from cloud to onedrive which I know little about and don't trust for some reason, anyways wha...