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hi welcome to my first post Resolved!

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Hi this is my first post and you can call me j I won't tell you my name as it is a Secret an by secret and security we come to today's topic which is the Secure folder probably a lot of people might have heard of this feature in Samsung but for those...

Samsung s9+ Resolved!

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Hello ! I have an s9 + phone that I can't find a secure or privacy folder with, in the lock screen option settings where I'm supposed to activate, but nothing exists. And yet in the options of the gallery I see that it is written (move to secure fold...

recovery phone lock

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Hey guys can you help. I forgot my screen pin lock of (Samsung j7 prime),and I forgot my email password and I don't have my email recovery phone number, I restart my phone than also asking screen lock pin .so pls help me how I can unlock my screen lo...