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my secure folder sudden crash

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hi. i opened secure folder today i found it showing the new app page of accepting the terms and rules and when i try to log it shows message something went wrong if problem continue contact customer services .where all my files in it go?

Posted by: AhmedA
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No deja de aparecer un mensaje de carpeta segura y que entre a Samsung account para activarla, aunque al hacerlo no aparece ni la opción de activar o desaparecer ese tipo de notificación, por favor ayudenme


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Hi, My secure folder is opening immediately as I unlock my phone. This was not the case earlier. Any advice on how to stop this Thank you

Posted by: Karido
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Protect your data

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Samsung knox is a great feature in samsung which has the integration in the hardware level with the os built.It is an encryption software which protects your important data even when the mobile is lost or stolen.

Couldn't Create Secure Folder

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Hello all, I just upgraded my Samsung J7 Prime yesterday and the Oreo came with Secure Folder. I have been trying to activate it, it keeps saying Couldn't Create Secure Folder. I've tried emailing but the email bounced back. Ple...