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نطالب بتعريب bixby

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ارجو منكم اخبارنا اذا كان يوجد في المستقبل تحديث bixby وتحدث في اللغة العربية لا اعرف لماذا لم يتم تعريب bixby الى حد الان نحن ننتظر منكم تحول تكبير في هذا المجال ونأمل ان توفر اللغة العربية اتوقع مستخدمين siri من شركة ابل هم ليس افضل منا بشيئ ارجو م...


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Am I the only one right now who's experiencing buxby is NOT WORKING? I tried it many times I say Hi bixby and pop up the bixby icon and if I tell the command it's just only stock on the bixby icon. But my google is working now following my commands. ...

Posted by: Fabby
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Bixby language

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Hi. I want you use Turkish or Azerbaijani language in Bixby voice. Please add Turkish and Azerbaijani languages into the Bixby.

bixby is dumb.

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when I say "hi bixby, play music" then I will hear, "I can't understand that". I was getting action with this command previously, but it stopped all of a sudden. Does anyone have solution(s )??

Posted by: mikej
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Hmd S

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There is many things on Bixby First,you can open your galaxy smartphone by saying,Hey Bixby Write about some tricks in bixby ✌

Posted by: HmdS
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دعونا نفكر معا بمقترحات الاستفادة من زر البكسبي الصوتي.. لاغراض أخرى التسهيل و والوصولLet us think together about the suggestions of using the audio bixby button for other purposes of facilitation and access

bixby button

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Am i the only one who never uses the bixby button????I wish i could customize the function of bixby button to directly open my other fav apps.. why do i need the button for when i have voice wakeup for bixby?? If you want the option of customizing bi...