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Samsung galaxy tab S tablet

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My tablet is in constant restart. I have booted it into recovery mode and cleared the cache and cleared all the data as it was restarting after a few minutes. Any ideas or is it beyond repair?

Posted by: MrsA32
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samsung tab s6

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I have samsung tab s6 andi notices that you can't change the tab resolution unlike on Samsung phones. Is here any workaround for me to change the screen resolution to qwhd or fhd?


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I Just want to know why they removed the game tuner. The new one is bad :/ any idea om how to get the old one device is tabs4 btw

apple email

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How can I synchronise apple iCloud email with Email app in android 9 I'm using ( Samsung tab S5e)??

Posted by: rbg795
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اتمنى ان يكون في التحديث القادم لسامسونج تطوير Always On Display عمل منبة لكل ساعة مثل الساعة 12:00 ظبط يبعث اشعار او منبة لكل ساعة ظبط