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Samsung Tab S5e won't play videos

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Hi. I hope anyone can help me. Ive just recently got an S5e from the US. The unit would not play videos MKV, AVI, MPEG Mp4 formats stored in my SD Card. I had this card on my Tab S2 and it was working fine and all videos can be viewed. In December 20...

Use SideSync on your Tablet

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If you're tired of switching back and forth between your tablet and phone, you can use SideSync. This app lets you share your phone's screen, answer calls, send text messages, and more straight from your tablet. Note: The Galaxy S9 or later and the T...

Tab S6 connection with Galaxy watch ⌚️

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Hello 👋 greetings, am trying to connect my Galaxy Tab S6 with my galaxy watch but is not connecting, have tried so many methods, including Galaxy wearable app, samsung flow, Samsung smart, and samsung services centers, still the same problem… have r...

Samsung Cloud

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I have been receiving this message that my samsung cloud account will deleted. How do I solve this issue?

Posted by: Boor
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Bout Bixby

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So I have a kinda big problem at least for me... I have a Samsung Tab S3, and I also found that it's not that much of worth as much as the price said. So when I updated and updated form version to version at last I got android 9 and I have a Bixby Se...

Posted by: LUGNER
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Citrix Workspace is working great with Dex

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I have just bought Galaxy Tab S6, and I found this tablet with the DeX environment is taking it well for getting Citrix connections to my office virtual PC.However, the on screen keyboard is not automatically pop up when accessing the windows environ...