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Brought some Nama chocolate and couldn't help but take a picture first 😍That laser focus is amazing by the way 👌🏼 The best way to try it out is by focussing something close. Trust me, you will see the difference. I did it and the speed of focussin...
So, I did something unusual - I shot an 8K video. Now what is unusual about that? Let me tell you.I usually do only photos, never videos actuallyIt's an 8K video It's shot on a phone. Yes of course, it is the Note 20 Ultra 5G. Note: I honestly don't ...
It's time to get out and click some pictures using the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G! A completely random shot taken with the auto mode and Scene Optimiser does it's magic. Oh, and definitely go ultra wide 😉
Wanted to take something nature-ish and wemt for a simple shot, taken at 108MP using the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GAnd you know what? I can crop this picture to create my own wallpaper with the wheel with no clarity compromise! 👇🏼Wicked, isn't it?
This might be a little late but here are my first reactions when I got my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G! I am clearly over excited about the S Pen and the camera. Can't seem to stop talking about it.Without further ado....*drumroll please*Also I would have...