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Android 10 (One UI 2) Update Schedule

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Dears Samsung Members Through this topic, you can follow the release dates of Android 10 on Samsung-supported devices. Here's a table of eligible models for Android 10 update and release dates in the Gulf region: Last Updated 19.Dec.2019 Device Name ...

Al Director de Samsung Members

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Estan desvirtuando los fundamentos sobre los que se ha basado siempre Samsung Members, que hasta hace poco, era un sitio para la familia, que un niño una niña lo podía ver y disfrutar con tranquilidad, comenzaron permitiendo que mujeres se ofrezcan c...

Posted by: paz1
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security update

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For jan also security update still not came. When it will be officially come on Samsung a50. And when android 10 update will be releasing for same device

Focus Mode

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Love the new feature, makes it much easier to study and get work done. However, it would be nice if I could set a timer for how long I want it running, and it stays on for that period of time no matter what. It's not so effective if I could just turn...

Posted by: Ali1491
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Slow mode video show me lights is like of and on Video uploaded Do this normal or i need replacement the phone And also i buy s10e from Kuwait and now I'm in UK London International warranty?

note 9 batery drain out in 3 hrs

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I started receiving message for upgrade to android 10 ....I usually happy with 9 after now note battery is reduced to 50% efficiency with in one day after one day the best phone become the worst...what kind of upgrade ur dlgivibg to loyal customers.....

Having battery issues since Android 10

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I've been having issues with managing battery life today (first day with One UI 2.0) and I've pinpointed the main cause of this, Samsung Accessory Service. Disabling this caused me to disconnect from my Samsung Galaxy Watch so that's not recommended,...

Posted by: MatDzh
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Im using s10+ and from some days my phone stopped supporting headset controls like i cannot play or pause from headset buttons also volume.I buy new headsets still same problem i try old headsets on other phone working normal.

Android update 10

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Who has already updated android 10 on note 9, write how it works, the camera has become worse off? Should I upgrade at all?

Posted by: Sahaxp
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