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Samsung Pay

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I cannot download samsung pay from the google play it's telling me that, Not available in my country, despit i bought my s8+ from kuwait and it have the last updated software.Also my bank sent me messages telling me that Samsung pay now available.

Posted by: Gehad92
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Disable Samsung pay banner ads

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This is just cheap and nasty. Why do we need these? Looking at the Apple pay experience and then using this feels like such a let down. Especially when I paid $1300 for my phone.Also, if younare going to shove ads down our throat, at least make them ...

Posted by: fakhdo
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هل استطيع تبديل هاتفي s20 ultra 5G بالهاتف الجديد note 20 ultra 5G.. مع العلم ان الهاتف الذي امتلكه حاليا استخدمته أقل من شهر و هو بحالة ممتازة جداً مع جميع ملحقاته..؟كم سيكلف سعر التبديل؟

samsung A51

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Good day, I wish I can use samsung pay services, my samsung a51 , doesn't have this beautiful service, can you help please

Posted by: 70saM
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samsung can you create something like gift card for samsung accounts?:)3$ 5$ 10$ 20$ 50$ 100$ 200$ 400$ 500$

Posted by: arlenav
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