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samsung can you create something like gift card for samsung accounts?:)3$ 5$ 10$ 20$ 50$ 100$ 200$ 400$ 500$

Posted by: arlenav
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Samsung- contact

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Hi, There was one option in galaxy A8 in old version , that we can can buisiness card directly to the contact by taking a photo with any additional external soft ware . When updated software this option is not available. Now I am using A8, Note 10+ a...


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كيف أستطيع أن اضيف تصاميمي لقسم جلاكسي ثيم وبيعها ؟؟

Posted by: RAUL7
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Register in Samsung Pay in Egypt?!

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Hello folks... I bought galaxy note 10+ from Dubai with running Samsung Pay Service, I live in Egypt and i don't have bank account in UAE So i want to know if i can buy a prepaid card from UAE to use Samsung Pay in Egypt or open an online bank accoun...

Samsung Pay ads

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Having ads popping up on the page where my credit card info is, is really unacceptable Samsung!! This is very can put your ads in a separate tab, in the settings, wherever, but not on payment page for God's sake! Everybody is complaining ...

Posted by: Arini
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