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samsung pay

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Does anyone knows how to change location in Samsung pay? I was in United arab Emirates when i purchased note 9 but now moved to United states but Samsung pay is still showing me United arab Emirates coupons and locations.

Samsung Pay

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Bonjour j'ai acheté la montre Samsung whach et je ne peux pas payer avec application introuvable dans le store. Est ce quelqu'un peut m'expliquer. Merci

Samsung Pay Planner Issues (Note 10+)

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Samsung Pay's "Pay Planner" is supposed to use SMS and/or it's own feed analysis to produce payment summaries vs allocated budgets. Well, after recent updates it can't link payment info received via sms with the correct card, resulting in duplication...

Posted by: Blade1
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النوت 10

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ابداع في تصميم البدايه اخذت النوت بلاس كبير جدا وموصفاته الرائعة جدا الطريت ابيعه بنفس سعر نوت العادي ابداع صراحه العدي ولابلاس بس البلاس موصفته روعه جربت الاثنين بطاريه يوم كامل معاك وتصوير في بلاس اروع من العادي شكرا سامسونغ

about Samsung pay

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Hello I am using Samsung Galaxy a50 mobile but I did not found Samsung pay app .once I tried to download from the play store but there is not available so where can I get the Samsung pay app in galaxy a50.