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My friends keep connecting to my buds while im using them and playing earrape, how can i stop this from occuring?

Posted by: zafri
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Galaxy Buds Battery Drain

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The battery on the right bud is draining significantly faster than the left side. I can't seem to figure out the problem. I really hope it's not a manufacturing defect. Even though if I use the right side more for touch controls (Play/Pause). Here yo...

watch active 2 band

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I just want to know the size of the band for galaxy watch active 2. Here's the dimension (WxHxD, mm) 26.8 x 122 x 5.4‎ and here is the model number ET-SFR82MBEGWW. Im not sure if it is small or large. My watch is active 2 44mm stainless steel. Im goi...

Posted by: retxed
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Galaxy Buds voice delay in games

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Hi Samsung commutee,i have purchsed the samsung galaxy buds and after updates its very stable for calling and videos.however im still facing issue while playing games that there is delay in the voice.any resolution for this?#samsung#Galaxy buds

Galaxy buds

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I've been using Galaxy buds for 2 months and have noticed the following - most of the time when I'm using them with my WIFI turned on the wifi signal becomes unstable, whenever I switch to 4G both work perfectly. Is there anybody who has ever faced a...