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Good morning. My Samsung year buds have a tapping sound while reproducing anything. How do I fix it?

Posted by: Nopar
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samsung galaxy active 2 ECG feature

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Hi there, Samsung did you forget that you have promised the ECG feature and I guessed you forgot it. Can you ease inform your customers when are you going to make it available or you are not going to do it. Can you please be upfront and and not evade...

galaxy buds plus

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Hi i just want to know how to make the galaxy buds plus more bassy because for me the bass is lacking, and if there is no option i hope samsung can update it and make the bass much more deeper.

Posted by: JrMa
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Samsung Buds not comfortable

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Hi good day everyone,I dont understand why Samsung hasn't made a wireless plug in pods like airp*ds or freebuds.Because honestly not everyone like inner plugging buds deep in ears and just like it in outterE.g. the old note 5 ear pc is the best confo...

problem for buds

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Hey , I bought a new samsung buds today and i noticed that my left bud is running out of charge twice faster than the right one. Can someone tell me how to solve this problem , pls 😞