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Issue with Galaxy Buds Volume

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Recently, I have noticed the right side bud is lower volume than the left one.I have cleaned the buds and tried out many solutions found online and also made a reset but still same.Is there anyone having this issue and is there a way to fix it?

bluetooth microphone

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While connecting any bluetooth device to my galaxy note 8 the sound take from the mobile's microphone not the connected headset #bluetooth #microphone #headset

Gear S3 watch NFC pairing for Phone

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Hi ,I am uaing Gear S3 watch. It has NFC. But it cannot be used to pair with phone via Bluetooth.Anh technical limitations or impossible to pair?I have SONY Bluetooth earphone with NFC. It is very easy to pair with around 5 seconds tap at the back of...

Posted by: AjD1
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Watch notification

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Before im getting messenger notification on my samsung gear watch s3 but after update im not getting thise notification how i can get this notification again.......On my setting i already turn on massenger notification...Please help guys

Posted by: nepali
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My experience with Galaxy Buds!๐Ÿ˜

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I really wanted to buy new Galaxy Buds, and yet I was able to buy them. After 2 months of their use, they work very well and stably. The sound is very clean and natural. And the application with an equalizer allows you to listen to music in these hea...

Random disconnection of wearables (Bluetooth)

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Hi there,I'm using two Bluetooth paired devices with my Galaxy note 9. Which are Galaxy gear S3 frontier and Samsung level u pro.The issue which I have being facing is;My frontier keep getting disconnected with the Bluetooth connection of device when...

Posted by: Riz8
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Keeps on disconnecting tried the tips from usa samsung forum cleaning it also reinstalling and installing also clearing cache still nothing keeps on disconnecting while using it beeping and while on call getting disconnected

Posted by: Celsius
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