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how to avoid SMS to be send as an MMS

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Nice hello to the Community from Ahrensburg Germany I wonder how to set my J3 in order to avoid an SMS to come through as an MMS, as this occurs extra charges.Strange enough only one number is involved, all others go through as SMS

Posted by: CarloC
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My phone keeps restarting suddenly

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So couple months ago my phone speaker was not working and I took the phone to the store I bought it from and they sent it to samsung for a repair I received my phone after two weeks and they wiped clean everything without permission and they factory ...

Who Want Pie for j7 Prime

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Already been released pie another devices last 7 month ago.But we're j7 prime user didn't get pie yet.Why??J7 nxt how got pie???????Where we're j7 prime is lot of features.Guys Please Report about it to samsung Urgently to get android pie.Thanks

Posted by: DarkRaj
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Me gusta mi J7 Pro, pero no me gusta Android Pie y Android oreo, como puedo tener Android Nougat?


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I have a Samsung J5 Pro, took photos on Sunday and they all came out grey and with exclamation mark, how can I restore them? And why did that happen?

Posted by: AngieC
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