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I don,t understand??

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Samsung j6plus added the one ui 2.0 but same processor & same features. But j4 plus what problem don,t added the one ui 2.0 & No animation for smooth the j4 plus .So ,Samsung you decided the update one ui 2.0.Thank you.

Notification sound on Samsung Music app

Posted in: Galaxy J

Whenever I play music by samsung music and the notifications sound is on it always give the notifications sound if the music plays or pauses or changes music always give the notification sound that's kinda annoying. It only stops giving notifications...

a security patch for...2017 device?

Posted in: Galaxy J

i seriously wasnt expecting my device to get any more updates or security patches, yet here it is! i got june 2020 security patch on my J7 2017 but most importantly, it also included fixes for several bugs i have reported before! big thanks to samsun...

update Not coming in j4+,

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Hi,Samsung.your famous Electronics is damage the quickly Because, update policy is bad. February 2020 is not the security update for j4+.And no animation f0r j4+. J6+ &j4+ is same proccser but Android 10& one ui 2.0 is coming j6+,why? J4+ coming Andr...