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Samsung j5

Posted in: Galaxy J

Hi,What could be the problem my phone when I type for messaging,dialing and Facebook,suddenly it will start dialing itself and apps start running all over the screen, opening files on it's own and freezing

Posted by: ocb1986
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Please give me latest update on my Samsung galaxy j7 core . All models get this update but i couldn't

VOLTE issue

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How can bring VOLTE option in my samsung j600F/DS (bought from UAE) to use jio sim in India ?Help me out to resolve this issue.Currently, i am using jio4Gvoice to make/receive calls.

Device is running slow

Posted in: Galaxy J

After updated the samsung j6 plus device , the system is running slow .. but , The update is successfully completed And i don t know why my device is running slow ... Is there any way to recover my device ...if so , plz help through the process

Posted by: Divya4
Beginner Level 2

samsung j7 pro

Posted in: Galaxy J

my device there no screen recorder.please add screen recorder in notification panel.and alsoadd tv remote control please

Posted by: Rafan23
Beginner Level 3