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ان کے انداز کرم ، ان پہ وہ آنا دل کا🌹 ہائے وہ وقت ، وہ باتیں ، وہ زمانا دل کا🌹

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ان کے انداز کرم ، ان پہ وہ آنا دل کا🌹 ہائے وہ وقت ، وہ باتیں ، وہ زمانا دل کا🌹 نہ سنا اس نے توجہ سے فسانا دل کا🌹 زندگی گزری ، مگر درد نہ جانا دل کا🌹 کچھ نئی بات نہیں حُسن پہ آنا دل کا🌹 مشغلہ ہے یہ نہایت ہی پرانا دل کا🌹 وہ محبت کی شروعات ، وہ بے...


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Has anyone any information regarding the availability and price of buds or buds plus. There are alot of clones ditto copies in the market. Don't want to risk money. Moreover online purchase is also very risky. Any trusted source to buy? Thanks alot i...

samsung pay not coming with galaxy watch

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I have Samsung galaxy note 9 mobile phone and I got Galaxy watch 46mm now SM-R800. I connect the watch with my phone but Samsung Pay option isn't neither in Galaxy wearable app nor in watch . Previously I used S3 frontier with same mobile phone and T...

Galaxy buds not detected

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I've been trying to connect my galaxy buds to my s20 ultra, but it doesn't show up as something to pair with in Bluetooth. It was working fine yesterday but no clue what going on. I tried placing the phone next to the buds open, whilst inside and the...

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issue with galaxy bids plus

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I just got my galaxy buds plus..the issue is that i when i open the case i can see bettry status for both shows combine status of both buds & case...where i say in vids that when people open the case it shows bettry percentage of each bids ...