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Galaxy Buds plus

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Galaxy buds plus are connected and also setup from wearable app but after than it only shows model number.Says to connect again but it dosent shows in the app.Although it is connected through bluetooth

Posted by: Ali1001
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is this even samsung official?

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My question is samsung even taking our problems seriously here or not? Or this forum is just controlled by locals? We need ecg on active watch 2 and apps which are available in other countries i.e good lock and many others.


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Hey everyone, especially from Pakistan. i just want to know that the new galaxy LTE GEAR standalone phone feature works in Pakistan or not.. i just heard a rumor that the PTA dosnt allow to use such kind of gadgets that are using any cellular connect...

watch active 2 update today arrived

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Today i got new update Tizen and you know what no ecg......**bleep**......can someone tell samsung that people here in pakistan are using samsung wearable and phones and treat us like any other country where they are pushing all updates. And ...


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لا شيء يعادل النية الطيبة ..افعل ما تشاء و دعهم يفهمونك كما يشاؤون..♥♡🖤🌼