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Open automate flow with bixby key

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I made an automate flow to start record in until I switch screen off, I made it to be my personal quick recorder. I want to use bixby key to trigger the flow when I click it but I can't do it. What I tried so far.. I used an app called 'Home Launcher...

Poor service

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With each new update the performance of Bixby is declining instead of improvement. Most of the time it does not even respond when you try to wake it up.


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sir ye kia mosibbat ha back ground apps close karo vo off hoti hain phir dubara open hojati hain q hala k vo system app hon ya dosri q khud ba khud on ni rehni chaiye plz new update do or problem ko solve kardu khuda ka wasta jin app ko used b ni kar...

Posted by: umerdon
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Bixby authorization access_token too long

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I'm working on a bixby capsule. I have the following authorization.bxb authorization{user {oauth2-authorization-code (Sample Provider) {client-id ("BixbyCapsule")client-secret-key ("key")authorize-endpoint (

app Not installed

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When i try to install any app from chrome It comes to MY FILES and when i install it it says APP NOT INSTALLED ALLOWED EVERY PERMISSION BUT IT JUST SAYS THIS👇👇👇can any one tell me any safe solution plz

Bixby Routines Resolved!

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If I set start and end times in IF, and I set 'Turn on Bluetooth' in THEN; what should be the behavior after the end time has passed? Is the blutooth supposed to be off automatically? Or do I need to add another routine to turn off the bluetooth?

Posted by: bilibil
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one theme in A71

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Dear Samsung Team, It is very sad to know that you have installed just one theme in a smart phone that costs me 65 thousand Pakistani Rupees. I know regret my decision by buying Samsung over IPhone.


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Posted by: jazz789
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Bixby Routines

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I know a lot of people dont like them. But they're actually pretty useful. For example, you can set it like if you open an app it performs a certain function like if i open google maps the location and mobile data is turned on automatically and if i ...