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Android 10

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No android 10 update on Samsung Galaxy S10+In Pakistan this is also flagship model so why..?Any idia...?

Posted by: Moon86
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samsung health app

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my galaxy s9 does not run Samsung health app and secure folder type apps and shows the pop up of rooting and something like unauthorized changes etc...but i never rooted my there any solution to this because i need yo run Samsung health ap...

Posted by: Laveed
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WhatsApp Full Screen Not Compatible

Posted in: Galaxy S

What is going on my WhatsApp, my WhatsApp is cutting from Full Screen when I try to auto rotate on a chat and from side up black screen is cut off, is any of you guys who owned Samsung S10 plus are getting this weird auto rotate black screen on the s...

Posted by: Azo007
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app malfunctioning

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Salam to all.I'm using s9 grom 6 months. Samsung health app has stop working. Some authentication error pops up while opening app.Any help regarding this issue?

Posted by: abcxyz
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android 10

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When will the update show in saudi Arabia for android 10 coz many other countries already update to 10 ? Device (S10+)