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* At every step the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life; the thorns should never be plucked from his roses. (Ellen Key) Gud Morning 😉

dex on PC for s8

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Hello, can I please confirm when can we expect dex for PC feature from newer devices to be ported to s8 lineup 🤗 cannot wait to use dex on my laptop 🤩

Posted by: zoh
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Samsung DeX

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I am using Note 10+. DeX is freezing a lot. working with jerks...tried on different Laptops but same issue.. Any Help. USBcable / USBport every thing tried.Smiling_Face

Posted by: Taime
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samsung dex app for windows 10

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Hi,I downloaded the Samsung DeX app for windows 10. It say that the publisher is not verified when I try to install it.When I install is anyway, it says that samsung DeX is installed and ready to use, but its actually not installed.Am I missing somet...

Posted by: MoeedH
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Samsung Dex For Note 8

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Heard few days ago that in Android Pie we can note users can also use Samsung Dex without DeX Station i mean same as Note 9/10 by just usb Type C to HDMI Cable if it is true Then lem me know how can i use It directly With Screen or Connect with windo...