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I have purchased a tab 10.1 instead of ipad 2018 that one ui is pretty good in multitasking ............Apple released ipad os I feel like this purchase was a huge mistake! Why so?@the most basic 2019 ipad costs around 350 dollars(25000Rs) and tab A ...
This thing do not have any good galexy feature except a cheap tab rather sped some more my to buy a premium tab I am very disappointed from Samsung for this .-*software for this thing is having many feature cuts like it does not even have galexy them...
Please give us AR core support ,Samsung DeX and bixby with bixby home Samsung on galexy tab a 10.1 2019 you see it's a product by you and it should be perfect like Apple iPad or other wise Lenovo and others also gives better hardware than this but we...