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crack screen cause flickering on screen Resolved!

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Good DayI own a samsung s10+,is there a direct samsung shop where i can have it replace.i see on the website the cost of the screen is R3700 but to repair it cost R5300.can someone please guide me so that i wont have to break in the bank to have my d...

Poor Service from Samsung Resolved!

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Hi guys so I purchased a samsung note 20 on the 16th of August. I have submitted my claim for my samsung R4000 evoucher and UV sterilizer on the 23rd of August. I have contacted Samsung customer care so many times but they have not given me the vouch...

Posted by: Tashay
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samsung e voucher Resolved!

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Goodday SamsungPurchased a note 20 ultra a few days ago. Got a voucher code this morning and when claiming get the following error message.....invalid code. Can you please sort this out?

Posted by: suneshb
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S10+ Stollen and Registered with IME

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My phone was stollen and it registered on Samsung app with IME.I am unable to remotely block or trace the phone.On Netflix the phones locations is reflecting but a moving target.I dint understand why the phone has been removed from Samsung app to rem...

Posted by: Brado
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Thank you Samsung for replacing my buds+.I'm a satisfied customer at the moment...Expecting my galaxy watch 2 back from repair after 2 weeks ...Fingers crossed 🤞

Samsung A11

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Please could someone assust me. I have a new Samsung A11. My data was transferred from my old phone. I had a security sliding code, however, I forgot the code. How can I get the code cancelled to enable me to change the settings. Thank you in advance

Posted by: Genny
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