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Hi guys, please help. The skin on my arm peels off on the area I wear the doesn't burn, it just peels off. I've also checked,... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy A

My A53 is playing some background sound at 8:00 morning and at 20:00 at night I can't figure out what's playing on top of the screen... View Post


I think is your sleep time View Post

Posted by      in  Promotions

I bought my A03 on Saturday and it didn't have earphones why?? View Post


Phones don't come with earphones anymore upon purchase you will have to wake up and smell the coffee View Post

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My phone has my Samsung wallet fixed to India, and I am in South Africa.  How can I change it?  View Post


Go to setting go on top account info(where your email is on top) click on profile info scroll down t... View Post

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I recently switched to the Google keyboard cause the Samsung keyboard is really terrible I must say they(Samsung) are lacking in the keyboard... View Post

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Cantor, moçambicano que começou a sua carreira  desdes pequeno aos 19 anos começou  a trabalhar com aa produtora thevisow beats, recentemente vai... View Post


Obrigado View Post