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Posted by      in  Galaxy A

Hello ! I was wondering when my Samsung A51 will get the latest UI 6.1 update. Its been a long time and a relative of mine have the same phone and his... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy A

Sometimes when I open my front camera glitches. I have to restart my phone everytime to get it to stop glitching And it's not only the camera... View Post


Hi there go settings > apps > camera > clear cache and go to settings camera settings and reset sett... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Hello, I recently purchased the Samsung S24 Ultra and have noticed that the battery is draining rapidly. Despite having all power-saving settings... View Post


Your phone might still be in the 'learning your usage' phase so the battery is still getting used to... View Post


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My Samsung A51 is bringing eco to the person talking to  View Post

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Why my phone can't turn on the bluetooth View Post


Contact Samsung by opening the Members app, go to Support on the bottom right corner and scroll unti... View Post