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Samsung wallet refuse to work it says connection error try again View Post


Try to clear data for Samsung wallet, then open it again and check that you have proper Internet con... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Is there anyone else who hasn't received Android 14 and One UI6 on their Galaxy S23 phone? View Post


Lately there has been posts about people not being able to receive updates only to find out they hav... View Post

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Hi. My Galaxy A54 5G restarts itself out of the blue. What might be the problem and how do I solve it?My phone is 3 weeks new. View Post


Only the last option will, the reset all factory settings one View Post

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Would you kindly add a currency converter in the calculator app?Tx. View Post


Also, currency exchange rates change, so it's more of an on-line process. I agree with you. View Post

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Guys I have a problem my A53 5G gets stuck on boot loop and sometimes I does it the whole day. What is the best remedy for this , I've tried... View Post


Has it been tested and worked? View Post