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Posted by      in  Galaxy S

I'm using Samsung s10+ from at&t which is using android 10, it's failing to update to android 12. I'm in zambia . it says... View Post

Posted by      in  Samsung Care+

My cell phone when it's in my pocket only rings once or doesn't ring at all. How can I resolve this? View Post

Posted by      in  with Galaxy

Every time I try to watch videos it stops and became hot View Post


This sounds like either a cooling or a processor issue. Try turning your settings down in turning th... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Hi, how do I block dating sites and other spam **bleep**. For the last two weeks ive had plus minus 18 mails daily and my vodamail has no blocking... View Post


Maybe he can create it on other. Go to vodacom store then they can add the vodamail smtp server and ... View Post