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Posted by      in  Galaxy A

I guess this is something to consider if you're upgrading your device and considering on getting a samsung phone. Why limit a customization pack... View Post


Ooh great stuff Good Lock is quite handy l don't think l will be able to use a Samsung phone without... View Post

Posted by      in  Others

Samsung please 🙏bring App Lock 🔐 and Auto Lockdown Mode in One UI7 View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Guys I need help, my phone keeps saying some unauthorised changes were made everytime I try to open samsung health application, what can I do to solve... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Hi recently got a S20plus 5g and I have discovered that I cnt use the phone with a Screen protector on it. The touch is extremely non responsive. Am... View Post


Yes it does and yes I have it turned on. Still nothing,, some technician said that it may hav been a... View Post