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Posted by      in  Galaxy A

Guys I have a problem my A53 5G gets stuck on boot loop and sometimes I does it the whole day. What is the best remedy for this , I've tried... View Post


Alright. Thank you very much wilk try that out tomorrow View Post


Posted by      in  with Galaxy

Guys what is that next to my battery saver that round thing like a clock View Post


Battery Performance profile icon, I'm assuming it's on Light performance View Post


Posted by      in  with Galaxy

How do i add number thereGuys how do i add my phone number there coz when i press edit it's  View Post


Hi.That edit button is meant to edit the phone's name only.You can't add the phone number because th... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

I have been using my s22 ultra for a while but i have noticed that it still has ui 4.1 insted of ui 6. Can someone help me out View Post


You can manually flash the new software via Odin, or you can try changing your CSC and see if that a... View Post