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Watsapp might move the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen as seen in the beta and would bring more updates to the app View Post

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Samsung decided to stick with google as its default browser  View Post

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I claimed my buds live a while ago and my claim was successful but I haven't received my buds till now and Samsung Team said they will email me if... View Post

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I reemed my buds month ago but the haven't even arrived. Is it possible to visit samsung stor to collect them? View Post

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Can I go to a samsung store and collect my budds myself,after my claim was successful  View Post


Depends where you live. I waited nearly 2 weeks but some people say they got theirs in like 4 days View Post

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Its kinda crazy that most of the "new features" of the ios 17, we have had them on One UI for ages now. Galaxy is light years ahead!!!  View Post


I know it's craaaazy! And Apple is supposed to be a software design company lol. We bear then in har... View Post