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Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Sometimes I feel like we are just talking to ourselves here and I know that I have once posted about our inability to access the Goodlock app in some... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

need a help My sangsung A5s doesnt have a mobile network View Post


Can you elaborate more, like, what exactly do you mean your A5s don't have a mobile network? View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy A

Hey Mates How do I do a screen recording with my Samsung A21s? View Post


I don't know if your phone has a screen recorder, but the usual way to add it to the quick panel is ... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy A

How Come Samsung A32 5G Ain't Receiving Android 14????? View Post


It IS fair. It came with android 11, got an upgrade to 12 and then 13. 13 comes after 12 View Post

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Hi everyone. Hope you are all well.I've been having a problem with my Galaxy A32 4g for a few months now already.I will delete files I've... View Post


Thank you for the advice. View Post