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Volume Resolved!

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Just got latest software update on my s20 and it seems like the battery is draining quicker and also when I connect to the Bluetooth of my car the volume is suddenly softer when playing music?


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I updated to latest update and the new voice input hardly recognizes any of the wording and mostly lags.What happened to this???? I thought updates are supposed to improve features, not make them worse. I used that feature for most notes and chatting...

galaxy phone moisture detected in charge Resolved!

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Dear samsung galaxy I am very upset and disappointed. I am using galaxy started from galaxy s4,s6, s8+ and s10+ (present).The problem started s8+ after a years , the phone came on moisture detected, but i never touched any water. The phone not allowe...

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Resolved!

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Hello guysI am currently having an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus where the consumption of battery is way too much..the phone is 4 months time with me since i bought it.Any advise please?ThanksRitish

Fast charging issues😭 Resolved!

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hi i recently got issues with fast charging with my s10e ,i already wiped catch and factory reset, After resetting it worked fine for 3-4 days and now its only cable charging,i used original accessories, tried several charger but nothing,help please�...

S20 July update?

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Anyone get the update yet? The sammobile website says our carriers have received the update. It also shows they skipped the June update which is true since I'm still on May.

Full Moon

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Picture taken of the Full moon this morning with the S20 Ultra. No special settings. Just opened the camera, zoomed in

Posted by: Duane89
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