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Beeping sound

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Guys cn u help me with this annoying beeping sound on the S9 plus, every hour it beeps then it shows the location icon on top...How 🤔do i switch it off?

1 June

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Who did you enter with and also using what phone 📱 to communicate with friends and family to tell them about your buyings...🍺🍹🍸🍷🍺🍻🥂🥃#Level_3 #Samsung #June

Posted by: Teddi
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Hi anybody know how i can upgrade my cloud storage from the std 15gb data to next offers

Posted by: oyster
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Samsung 2 year updates Resolved!

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Why can't Samsung not give 4 years updates like ios,the phones are in the same price range on the flagship devices, this can really give samsung the edge. Samsung really should look into this. I have the S10,and will probably be stuck on android 11 a...

Slow samsung updates

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It's already the end of rhe month and some of the other countries already received the may security patch,and we are still stuck on last month's security patch,it really **bleep**,cant the moderators do something about this? South africa has this pro...

Lack of samsung stores poll

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I really wish we can get more samsung stores in south africa,they have appliances too,so I really can see an advantage for samsung over other cellular manufacturers and paying via samsung pay and getting special rewards,Imagine that! How many of you ...

Better placement of Edge Panels Quick Tools

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The buttons for Compass, Tally Couter etc. are high up in the oppsite corner that you swipe the panel from. It's hard/inconvenient to swich between tools when I'm out and about and need to turn the flash on quickly for example. I must often repostion...

Samsung Note 10plus Resolved!

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I wantvto find out from the people that also uses the galaxy note 10 plus if they have the same problem as i do with my note 10 plus . When im on a phone call then after a minutebor even less when im talking to someone on the phone the line just goes...

Posted by: zanlevi
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Samsung pay

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So who is using samsung pay. How many cashiers did you wow and find yourself everytime you go to the shop the cashier calls an audience to witness the future happening right in front of your eyes. Everyone wants to know your phone brand. Did you know...