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ECG and BP

Posted in: Samsung Health

Seems like Samsung is doing nothing to get ECG etc working on our devices. We pay top dollar for our devices with the advertised ECG etc functionality, but still no movement...At least Apple got it approved in July.Makes me wonder

Posted by: LeonB
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Weight management / calorie tracker

Posted in: Samsung Health

Why has the weight management feature / calorie tracker been removed from Samsing Health? The latest update **bleep**, was literally using this app to track calories in vs calories out, it's pretty much useless now. Can anyone recommend another app t...

Posted by: Oggy84
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Memory card Resolved!

Posted in: Samsung Health

Good afternoon. I just bought Samsung S30s. I put in a memory card but it doesnt show but when I **bleep** it, it shows a "memory card removed" message.

Posted by: Chu2303
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