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Plz add slow motion function on samsung a21s by update we are facing problem with this.It's a good device why this function is missing.Plz add this by update as soon as possible.

Posted by: faysalr
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Samsung A70 should get more software updates with newer features, as it's still on one ui 2.0 when most other phones are on one ui 2.5😬 and the phone is a bit more than a year old


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I need help plse i jst upgraded to a new version softwere an in my A10 an now my Samsung notes app is not working

Samsung Galaxy A70

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Hi what do you guys think of this phone. This is the last time im buying a samsung phone as i bought the phone and had it laying in its box until the day i needed it. Then the problems started. The phone is now at samsung repair/warranty dept for mor...

Posted by: Nagan
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