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Samsung locate phone Resolved!

Posted in: Samsung Dex

Hi, I tried to Samsung locate my phone but it kept on saying couldn't connect to internet or something w With the connection but I was logged in and showed all the necessary information but didn't

Posted by: Lyns
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Samsung Galaxy S20...

Posted in: Samsung Dex

Hi all. Just got my new S20 and have been playing around with it and thought I should clarify on 2 things. The S20 fits into the same DeX station as the S8 and it works 100 percent. The S20 does not work in the Samsung VR headset but I can say that t...

Samsung dex for Pc

Posted in: Samsung Dex

I have experienced a very laggy Samsung dex quite recently, and could not find any help online. I managed to find a solution, and I think it mainly has got do do with usb 2.0 and USB 3.0. My pc has 6 gigs of ram and is a 2300 mhz pc,but the pc box it...

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