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Galaxy Fit-e watch Resolved!

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Hi there. Does anybody else have issues with the battery life of the Galaxy Fit-e watch. My battery only lasts 2 days. And according to the Samsung website it must last a week?The Galaxy Fit-e comes equipped with 1-week battery life (actual battery l...

galaxy buds

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I've been waiting for almost a month now for my buds since buying my galaxy a71 but no one has contacted me or emailed me for delivery. What's going on?

Terrible service from Samsung South Africa Resolved!

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I have been trying to claim my buds for over a week, have sent numerous mails and called multiple times but nobody wants to help me. Telkom even cc'd me in the mail as proof. You guys are slacking if Telkom has better service than you.

Posted by: MoeDeez
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Samsung pay keyboard change

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The gear s3 samsung pay app used a keyboard which followed the bezel. Its changed to smaller icons in the center of the screen. My thick fingers struggle with it... Anyway to change it back? I have reset the keyboard to no effect.


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I hate the fact that I was one of the first buyers to buy the Galaxy A51,but the newer buyers got free buds.😒

Samsung buds Resolved!

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Samsung buds are bugs just received them the left does not charge and therefore does not work make better products and ur local South African service centre **bleep**

Posted by: Ravi45
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Wearable? Resolved!

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Hey guys! What do you think is the best Galaxy watch for the whole family? Kids and Adults with a good price and good features.Let me know!