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galaxy watch 3

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Bought a galaxy watch 3. Didnt even get 18 hours battery life against a claimed 2 days. That too with just using it as a watch, with the bluetooth off. Battery life dropped from 60percent to 20 percent just from being idle while i slept for about 6 h...

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

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Bought brand new buds and have a brand new note 20. I have been struggling for 2 days trying to connect the buds to my phone, even tried connecting it to my computer but it's seems i have been wasting my time. Seriously disappointed in the product an...

Posted by: Ewert
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Samsung Ear buds SM-R150

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I have a pair of Samsung ear buds (model SM-R150), and the left ear bud no longer works. It flashes red when in the case and then turns green but does not play music or sync. I have reset it etc. How can I repair this?Thank you

e-Sim activation Galaxy Active 2 Resolved!

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Im struggling to activate my eSim with my Galaxy Active Lte watch, my service provider is MTN, has no clue, they want me to purchase a physical Sim...dont know how to issue me a eSim..., my watch requires a QR code to activate a mobile service plan f...

galaxy buds

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So I've been waiting almost 3 months now for my galaxy buds I was advised from 1 of your agent on fb that my claim was approved but I heard nothing of delivery... this is ridiculous to have a purchase a item but nothing gets delivered or atleast any ...

Samsung Gear VR - SERIOUSLY Samsung ! ! ? ?

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Can anyone inform me as to why there's suddenly NO servers or updates available for the Samsung Gear VR?As well as my PAID for content in my library which is also missing.Please Don't tell me that this is yet Another Service that Samsung has chosen t...

Posted by: iGuy
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Galaxy Fit: Vertical bars on screen

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Can someone please assist - my galaxy fit looked like this after I woke up this morning.There are no visible Mark's on the watch, I do not exercise with it, I work in an office and only shower with the watch.

Posted by: CleonS
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Galaxy Fit-e watch Resolved!

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Hi there. Does anybody else have issues with the battery life of the Galaxy Fit-e watch. My battery only lasts 2 days. And according to the Samsung website it must last a week?The Galaxy Fit-e comes equipped with 1-week battery life (actual battery l...