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Samsung Galaxy Buds + Promotion

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So I called the call centre few minutes ago and they informed me they will start dispatching from Monday 1st June starting with the March redemptions.I really hope this is the case Samsung!

Posted by: CC123
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galaxy buds plus connectivity issue Resolved!

Posted in: Wearables

I recently bought a pair of galaxy buds plus from a online retailer and i received them today. I was extremely happy when i got them but unfortunately that was short lived as my one bud wouldn't connect. I tried restarting and clearing my wearables a...

can't claim my buds Resolved!

Posted in: Wearables

The banner to claim the buds pops up but when I fill in the forms it says my IMEI number isn't eligible for promotion. But it was advertised that with the S20 you can get the buds

Enquiry Resolved!

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Hi samsung, I am a loyal Samsung customer and have been for a while I've recommended your product to countless friends and family however it seems that you guys only care for new customers rather than loyal ones which is really unfair and many would ...

Posted by: Mish123
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Galaxy smart watch update

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Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Active get Bixby, UI improvements in latest update

Redeem Samsung buds Resolved!

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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10 in April 2019 and the promotion included free buds.I still have not received it and it's May 2020.What can I do?

Posted by: Menx
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no internet connection gears3 watch

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Hi my s3watch can't connect to the onternet.My wifi has been connected so it pic's up my wifi but if I want to use S3 like youtube its keep telling my no internet connection.Have Uninstalled Gear app and reseted my watch,still the same problem.Does a...

Posted by: Haggie
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