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Galaxy Stor not updating. Resolved!

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Galaxy Tab S7, UI 3, Apps settings set to default, Wi-Fi is working.Galaxy Stor does not update, nor the apps are updating.All updates just sits there in 0%....... The Stor App does not update as well, does not evolve from 0%.Any ideas? Anyone has th...

Posted by: Nmaia
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climate chang

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Dear cristiano,I wish that your are fine .Today I am writing this letter to inform you that I have watch a beautiful focumenyary on TV it channel is stare programGO AND LOOKNFOR IT OK😀😀😀

....Moyenne générale....

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Maths: 15 ( sa m’étonne 😲)Français: 17 (toujours forte 😝💪)Svt: 12,5 ( le cours qui fatigue 😴)Techno: 15,5 ( je ne bosse jamais et bingo les bonnes notes🤪) Physique chimie: 11,5 ( monsieur me fatigue 😴)Eps: 8,75 ( je suis nul comme toute les fil...

security patch

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I have a Galaxy tablet (Tab s6 lite) and the security patch level is still on the December patch level If anyone can please tell me if there is a problem or if samsung delayed the update (cause it still has 3 years of update)

Galaxy Tab A Resolved!

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My tablet has suddenly decided not to download app updates. I go into Google Play and there is a list of 28 updates, but all of them show "download pending" with none of them actually downloading. Have I inadvertently changed a setting?

samsung does false advertising

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samsung advertized if you buy the tab s 7 you will get free samsung buds, ive bought the tab s 7 and done my claim for my samsung buds, i have got a reference number and now its been 20 days and no one can give me answers, ive complained several time...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Resolved!

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Hi thereI recently received my new Tab S7+. I switched it on and started the set up. I opened the Microsoft Office app and found a preloaded account with save worksheets. I also enabled Netflix which opened (without asking for a password) onto some s...

Posted by: SLH031
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